About me and this blog

Oldie guitar and me

A very old guitar that I tend to modify every 6 months

My name is Eduardo Viramontes. I’m an electronics engineer with over 7 years experience in embedded systems development (specially software and testing). I love music and taking stuff apart, I also love biking and try to go to work on my bicycle every day because I hate traffic and contamination (I do own a car though, it’s mostly dusty and uncool, but I do keep it well tuned).

I currently work for Freescale Semiconductor at the Guadalajara offices in México (here: Freescale Mexico Offices). I do systems and applications engineering for 8 and 32-bit products mainly for the industrial and commercial market segments (note: good software and hardware should be used in any market, so ignore that last comment). I am specially fond of motor control applications because control is cool and manly and complicated, and I also work with touch sensing applications (that’s my sensitive side). I’ve published some application notes on subjects like timers, USB, motor control, touch sensing and memory paging and I also do technical trainings from time to time.

Though I work for Freescale Semiconductor, the Embedded Stories blog is my own and so are all the opinions expressed within it. I like opinions so you should leave some, as long as they are also your own and you don’t insult anyone in the process. I will never release confidential information from anyone, either Freescale or customers. I will also never release confidential information about myself, so quit asking me at what age I flashed my first MCU, you dirty dirty stalkers!

You should also know that there are tiny animals living around my cubicle, do not disturb them or feed them chocolate, please.

Some further information about me at the EE Web Featured Engineer section, an interview that was published on Dec. 29th 2011: Interview with Eduardo Viramontes


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