3 comments on “The art of (not) multitasking

  1. Looks to me you are running Windows, switch to Android and have more fun while maintaining/improving productivity. Enjoy interruptions, then focus!

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  3. Cloning is even illegal in many countries for good reasons :-). ‘Multitasking’ is a reality today, and humans are not designed for it, or at least not to that level. There are many guidelines how to deal with it, and companies even can buy consulting how to train their employees for ‘multitasking’. But in the end, I think everyone needs to find his own way how to deal with it. Your post triggered me to finish a post I have been working on since a while, so I have scheduled the time to finish it, so here it is: http://mcuoneclipse.wordpress.com/2012/08/15/multitasking-or-not/
    I hope that one might be inspiring as your post here.

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