2 comments on “Creativity

  1. Totally agree with you about “engineers are creative…”. But I don’t think there are some more creative than others… as you said, it depends on their background and their actual context. That’s why, I think creativity is not only work/job related… creativity is for life (as you mentioned for cooking for example).

    And we engineers, are way much creative for everything we touch… and I’m not being selfish, it’s just the way we learned to think and it’s now embedded in us, right?

    Regarding “creativity” and “corporations”… yes, tough topic… 😦

  2. I think there are different types of creativity.

    Engineers can think of different ways to solve a problem. Engineers are good at solving problems, that is what they are paid to do ! At the same time, and in order to solve problems, engineers need facts (think of simple math problems we were asked to do in elementary school, the first thing you were supposed to do was extract all the “usefull” data).

    I face many engineers that are completly unable to propose a solution, unless they have ALL the data. They may even delay a solution, until they feel they have all the data available, unfortunately, in the real world, facts are relative and rare.

    As I transitioned to marketing, I faced this problem myself (do you really think marketers know how many people will by a product ? c’mon we are not psychics !) Marketing, as Dilbert says , involves a lot of liquor and guessing. Our work, in my mind, is to provide peace of mind to engineers, they want facts, we give them facts so they can work at a problem feeling they have the facts… that, my friends often requires a lot of creativity ! 🙂

    Finally, and clearly …. you are not a lawyer… “The Company” does own any omelet optimizations you might come up with.. so be carefull

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