6 comments on “Lessons in motor control

  1. Don’t you learn this on school? Having all your components burned at 3 am in the morning just a few hours before the final project revision teaches you that!

  2. Well, of course you learn that, but then some years go by, you spend a lot of time in the software world where nothing ever gets burnt (except your morale) and then you do a new project with actual power hardware again and you forget about that 😛

  3. 🙂 And the good thing is if you buy some, you’ll probably never use them…
    A bit like the umbrella and the rain.
    But, tell us, is that on Kinetis Cortex-M4 by any chance?

    • This particular one isn’t (DSC) but we have some motor control enablement already available, and we have a class on motor control with Kinetis next week at FTF 2011. Are you going by any chance?

      • I wish… But great to know! I’ve sent an email to Raul, or is it another track you are thinking about?
        I cannot go, but I’m really looking forward to reading this, really!

      • Yeah! Same track. Looks like they will be doing some live streaming so stay on the look out for that…I saw Raul already tweeted you about that 😉

        I’ll be tweeting, blogging and everything my phone’ll let me do while I’m there 😉

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