3 comments on “More playing around with RTOS, to task or not to task

  1. Hi,

    I can’t agree with you any lesser. However, sometimes in medium sized projects, there may not be an opportunity for using all the aspects of a RTOS, rather, one may be sometimes using very less number of features of an RTOS. I used to refer such projects to something like “Door bell with a 16 bit microcontroller”.

    • I agree, many projects do not need an RTOS. My work for many years was precisely in those types of projects. In my previous company there was so much focus no not using an RTOS that we got to a point that the big project could have used an RTOS and even then we didn’t. Guess what? That code became a whole mess to maintain, the state machine became too complex.

      On the other hand, using RTOS for every purpose is definitely not a good idea.

  2. For small systems I favour cooperative multitasking with polled tasks. It’s deterministic and lightweight, ideal for constrained systems.

    Pre-emptive multitasking with threads, while very powerful, can cause debug nightmares – with race conditions and unrepeatable bugs.

    Give me a state machine anyday.

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