3 comments on “Is learning a new language sexy?

  1. You may also take a look to C#, like it or not, some semiconductor vendors started to port the .NET framework to their platform, calling it micro framework or something like that, this allows several not embedded programmers to start developing with barely no knowledge of the HW itself, not my thing really, because I like being in control but, as I said at the beginning, like it or not, this is a trend on the embedded develpoment.

  2. I feel like you do. I used Pascal and LISP back when I was in University, but since then only C. I was never an embedded programmer, though I used to work with them (writing compiler backends for the chips they were programming).

  3. You could catch those rocks and return them with the same speed. C is the language for the embedded systems as the compilers product optimised code, you are right.
    C is like a transparent window wherein you can feel what is happening whereas in other newer languages the abstraction is very high.

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