2 comments on “One of my favorite things in electronics

  1. tell me please which language is considered must and the most useful for embedde systems coding?????

    • Divya, C is by far the most used and most useful programming language. All major MCU and MPU manufacturers are offering C compilers for their products either self-branded or through third parties. There are processor families that have huge ecosystems of C-based toold like ARM or Power cores.

      There is also a smaller percentage of use of C++ and some compilers offer reduced versions of C++ so that it doesn’t generate so much overhead.

      On the application level of the bigger processor, there is also a lot of development in Java. Note that those are already running an operating system like Android, which has a Java machine.

      In conclusion, you should really study C and then get into other languages. I would also recommend learning the assembly code (at least to a basic level) of a few processor, for example, of an 8-bit machine, a 16-bit machine and a 32-bit machine, knowing the processor you are programming for inside and out will help you better code even if doing it in C and not assembly.

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