8 comments on “Software engineering and the iPad

  1. I almost drooped some tiers on :
    “I’ve seen embedded systems projects do this strip-the-requirements-down-to-release-on-time sort of thing and it’s really sad…”

    good post my old fashion geek friend…:)

  2. I can think of a good thing that came out of the IPAD launch… this post. I think Apple marketers really brought up the best in you ! hehe

    That aside, I agree with most of your points except with the last paragraph.

    “The result is a software project completely void of quality, full of holes and just plain ugly. ”

    Note to Embedded Engineers: marketers, don’t really care for ugly software. As long as it works and looks nice in the tradeshow ]/ stage.. we are ok! so dont give us that excuse !

  3. I really did not think you play online poker at the same time than compiling projects.

    “old-school-geek” ?? Is there a new concept ?? Who are the “new-school-geek” ??

    I need to say that I agree with pfrulfas (evil), unfortunately/fortunately (depends on the concept and if you are a vendor or a customer), marketing is what nowadays rules the world. So, the nicer a product looks the better launch to the market. Meanwhile, geek and real engineers can solve and fix this marketed world from “marketers” XD

  4. To managers and marketing a requirements change is just a few words in an email or a new powerpoint diagram. When we engineers stop and explain the consequences to them they listen, they hear “no monetary investment required to do this” ignoring time and quality effects, and plow ahead.

    Fortunately for them, we are superheros!

    • We are superheroes…but we shouldn’t be, the superhero culture leads to reduced productivity and errors, the hero engineer, in my opinion, is overrated. I’m much more compliant with the team-player engineer, the engineer who collaborates with the stake holders, etc. I’m an idealist, but I like to think it’s possible.

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