3 comments on “Are embedded systems for the “do it yourself” person?

  1. You already have “do it yourself” embedded systems. They are called demo boards and tools (or breadboards for hardware) The moment you program a “hello world..” type of program in an MCU you are “doing it yourself”.

    The issue is that the crowd willing to do it… are called embedded programmers. hehe… not for the regular person.

    When you go to HomeDepot and they show you how to install a lightbulb so you can do it yourself, they are really just being condescendant. YOU SHOULD ALREADY KNOW HOW TO INSTALL A LIGHTBULB !

    You cannot assume a non-embedded-programmer, knows how to compile, connect etc… anyways, I think doing a guitar is a bit more complicated than “nail, paint, glue” … but I guess you can tell me when you do it !

    by the way.. I now have my own blog ! jitomate.wordpress.com

  2. Le monsieur le Paté… finalmente leyendo tu blog… yo traigo muchas ganas de hacer uno… pero de gadgets… I’ll keep you posted…

    Anyhoo… embedded IS for the DIY people… and actually the other day I started really thinking about that… there are a ton of projects I want to do… and I just need a basic set of tools… must of which can be made by yourself… ex. power supply, scope… but nowadays… there are some great deals on the market which will allow you to build out-of-this-world projects with better tools…

    The only tool you really need is a good soldering iron… SMT’s been a tough one on the DIY’ers… either that or build your own SMT line using an electric oven…

    Now… did you get a chance to see what TI is doing for DIY’ers? You got the Beagle and they just released the whole 8-bit MCU kit in a watch… compelling? Fuck yeah… when’s the big giant who used to be #1 going to catch up? I hope sooner rather than later…

    Still… great posts…

    Un abrazo Pato!

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