3 comments on “Engineer, marketer, manager?

  1. Ola Duck!

    As a tech marketer and being a SW testing engineer for another company and an oil-man before that.. I understand your post. I have asked myself your same question about, what if marketers are no longer needed and I require more technical knowledge? Would I be able to turn back and play as an engineer?

    And the conclusion I have reached is simple, no turn back in life 🙂 risk taking is encouraged! and there will always be options, but I wouldnt like to turn back..

    So whatever your decision, go for it man, live your dream! and as you previously mentioned, be happy 😉

    cool post as always 😉

  2. “if the economy takes another downturn further down the road”

    it will mean only one thing. More marketers will be needed… you can never have enough marketers…

    but you need to have GOOD marketers ! hehe

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