5 comments on “The story of the week: how (not) to brag about your accomplishments

  1. Nice story, so the lesson will be: listening to the embedded Jedi Knights is good. Regarding your project, I can only say….Wireless Networks >)

    • Yes, listen to embedded jedi knights. Well wireless networks presented two problems for us back then:
      1. We didn’t know anything about them.
      2. Risk of explosive gases means only some RF protocols might be used and with a bunch of considerations…and we didn’t know too much about that as well.

  2. I think I’ve hurt it before…
    I think almost all of us have some like this when are starting. But not all have a wise technician to advice,
    you are a luky guy.

  3. I have a similar problem with infrared range sensor. I almost lost a robot sumo tournament because of ambient light in 2007.

    About four months ago I´ve read this article:
    Although I haven´t tested it, it looks good and maybe you can adapt it.

    I don´t know IRDA very well, but i think SIR uses pulses for the spaces(zeros) and nothing for the marks(ones).

    Maybe you can make your own protocol with one frequency for the space and another for the mark.
    It seems hard to implement and I don´t know if it will work, but it´s an idea.

    • That idea sounds nice…for better or for worse I don’t work at that company anymore, but I will remember the idea for the future 😉 Thanks for your comments.

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