6 comments on “Embedded systems tools are way behind!!! =S (frowny face)

  1. Uhmm, I guess we will keep miserably laughing for a while (a couple of years??) until there comes a guy (company) and develops this artistic embedded software generator which will make us cool enough to hang out with web-based developers.
    In order to find that we must hang out more with investigators, mathemathicians, theroists, scientifics to develop an inteligent machine to run with such limited resources… so I believe we need to be a little more geeky before being as cool as web developers are jejeje

    excuse me if maybe I didnt get the point, but I enjoyed your post.

    best regards!;) keep this stuff popping out of the head

  2. since there are several flavors and colors in the embedded MCU’s world I think would be a Titanic work, but I wish too.

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